11 Tips to Buy Shoes for Your Kids and Teenagers

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Shoes on toddler feet.
Buy a correct shoes for your kids. – Photo by herval.

Children and teenagers need shoes that not only protect their foot but also allow their growth and at the same time provide them comfort. These tips can help:

  1. Buy Shoes With Broad Base Heel for Stability
    Buy broad base shoes for your kids stability. Choose shoes with base made from shock absorbing material and design.
  2. Pick Suitable Shoe for Their Foot Shape
    Some children has wide foot and others have pointed shape foot. Choose a shoe suitable with their foot shape.
  3. Choose Flexible Sole
    Choose shoe must have flexible sole, which can easily flex to about 60º in the ball of the foot area. Avoid buying hard, thick and stiff soled school shoes. If your child cannot bend the shoe sole with their hands, then the shoe sole is too thick or too hard and may harm his/her foot. Also avoid platform sandals or one-piece molded soles that cannot flex or bend easily.
  4. A Little Bit Room for Their Toe
    Buy shoe that is longer than their feet. There should be approximately 12-16 mm room from the longest toe.
  5. Not Too Tight, nor Too Loose
    The shoes should have adequate width where you should be able to pinch a slight fold of the upper when your child wear the shoe.
  6. Breathable Uppers of Shoes
    Choose shoes that are made of natural material for their uppers and linings, such as from uncoated leather and new technology weaves are good because they allow the foot to “breathe”.
  7. No High Heels, Your Kids Don’t Need It
    A children shoe should be no more than 15 mm of heel height. For toddlers, the heel height should be no more than 6mm. For girls under 16 years of age, avoid heels higher than 15 mm to prevent possible bone deformity, muscle imbalances, incorrect development and potential problems with spinal alignment.
  8. Can They Move Their Toe in the Shoe?
    The shoe should be deep enough to have toe area that allow all toes to move freely and not be squashed. Ask your child to wiggle all his/her toes in the shoes – if he/she unable to do that, then try the next size up.
  9. Fastening Mechanism
    The shoes should be held on their foot with laces, straps or Velcro fastenings. This also allow your kids to wear the shoes easily.
  10. The Shoes Should Be Light Enough For Your Kids
    You should buy light shoes for your kids. For infants, the recommended weight is no more than 30g, for toddler less than 110g, and for child and adolescent under 220g per shoe.
  11. Buy the Correct Shoe for Occasion
    If your kids want to play tennis then buy tennis shoes, if they want to play football, then buy them football shoes. Don’t buy football shoes if your kids want to play tennis. Remember, different types of sports shoes or trainers are needed for different sports because they’ve been designed for those activities.


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