10 Tips to Lower Your Body Weight

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Running as exercising.
Exercising Can Lower Body Weight – Photo by Denis Todorut

Lowering your body weight not only good for your health, but also makes you looks good. Here are 10 tips to lower your body weight:

  1. Lengthen Your Eating Time
    As for your knowledge, to avoid feeling hungry and keep feeling full though you just eat a small amount of food, you can achieve this by lengthening your eating time. You can eat and chew slowly while enjoying your meal. This can make you to feel full.
  2. Drink a Lot of Plain Water
    Drinking much plain water is crucial to increase our body metabolism. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily, but it better to take more. We should bear in mind that metabolism is very important in weight loss process. Plain water does not have calories, thus drinking a lot of it will not affect bodyweight. One of the ways to lower bodyweight by drink is by drinking a glass of plain water before a meal to downsize your stomach so you feel full quicker.
  3. High Level of Self Confidence Is a Must
    To lower bodyweight, you should have high level of self-confidence. It is not easy to change our daily routine. We must be confident that we can do it and we must nurture high determination and objective why we want to lower our bodyweight. Be sure to have your very own diary.
  4. Spices in Food
    When we are in a low or free of fat diet program, we will of course reduce a lot of flavor in our food. To add flavor in food besides giving good taste, you are encouraged to use herbs and spices such as vinegar, onion, chili powder, rosemary, black pepper or whatever spice. In addition to giving some taste, it also can increase metabolism. You can do your own experimentation until you found your delicious herbs combination.
  5. Spicy Foods
    Spicy foods can increase your metabolism. But remember don’t make it to much, it will harm your health.
  6. Avoid Feeling Stressful
    When you want to lower bodyweight, avoid feeling stressful since by feeling stressful your bodyweight is hard to get decreased.
  7. Caffeinated Drinks
    Caffeinated drinks are your enemy if you are in a diet because caffeine increases the amount of insulin in your body and stops the fat burning process in the body. If you stop taking caffeinated drink of 50%, you can see the effect for yourself. These are among the amount of caffeine in you daily drinks: Instant coffee (6 oz.) – 70mg, carbonated drinks (12 oz.) – 50mg, brewed coffee (6 oz.) -100mg, milk chocolate (1 oz.) – 6mg and dark chocolate (1 oz.) – 20mg.
  8. Eat High Fiber Foods
    Eat foods that are rich in fiber since it helps you to feel full faster and makes your business in the toilet easier.
  9. Exercising
    Exercising is among activities that can increase your metabolism and also burn fat faster. Try to get at least 20 minutes of nonstop exercise daily. The best exercise done is when the stomach is empty, which is about two hours after eating. The most effective exercise done is at before dinner which is in the evening, and secondly, is in the morning before breakfast. But before exercising, you must eat a bit to activate your metabolism. Research has shown that our metabolism will decrease 8 hours after we wake up from sleep. 30 minutes of exercise before dinner not only burns fat but also able to increase our metabolism for another two or three hour. This can burn your fat although you already have stopped exercising.
  10. Don’t Leave Your Meal Time
    To quickly lower your bodyweight, don’t leave your meal time. Breakfast is important to ‘wake up’ your metabolism from sleep. Our metabolism will slow down after eight hours, to wake it up again, we must eat. But the right food is very important. Healthy, non-fatty food can activate your metabolism. So, don’t waste your time by not eating, because you will not waking up your metabolism from its sleep, thus making it not working well.


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