11 Tips to Manage Your Refrigerator For Better Food Storage

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A refrigerator with foods inside.
Store food properly in a refrigerator. – Wikipedia photo.

Refrigerator, especially in active family houses, maybe hard to be maintained and often than not, the foods kept inside also get spoiled.

There are many among us who don’t pay attention to how we can manage the fridge so foods and other materials inside it are tidier.

Organizing a refrigerator means more than just knowing where you have put your stuffs inside the fridge. It involves how to maximize the room inside and lengthen the life of foods or other things stored in the refrigerator.

So it is important to maintain a refrigerator in organized manner. We just don’t want a badly maintained refrigerator will damage foods and whatever things we store inside it, and by doing that we will avoid burning a hole in our pocket in long-term.

Another thing is if we manage it in correct manner or by correct storage method in a fridge, our food stored in it will be safer to eat.

These tips may help your fridge to be better in it condition and organized:

  1. Firstly, take out everything inside your fridge before you start your work on tidying up your fridge. This step enables you to see every part of your fridge and ease you up in cleaning dirty areas.
  2. Then isolate foods and materials according to its needs and discards all unneeded things from the refrigerator.
  3. After cleaning up your refrigerator, the next step is to separate everything into groups of foods, such as processed foods, meats and dairy products.
  4. For foods that does not have any containers, try to put them inside their own clear container so that you can see what’s inside when looking for the food inside the fridge.
  5. Expired or spoiled foods must be discarded so they do not clutter the storage room of the refrigerator.
  6. We often store leftover foods inside our fridge because we feel it will be a waste if we just throw them away, right? Therefore, just discard any foods that you know you will not eat them later before they are ruined. For example, old spaghetti that has been inside the fridge for two weeks is not fresh to be eaten anymore.
  7. Spaces inside refrigerator are design for certain foods, such as vegetables inside the lower drawer and meats inside the freezer.
  8. Stores easily withered foods such as vegetables in the cold temperature to get longer freshness. Cold temperature will extend its storage life. Store foods appropriately inside room their space.
  9. Read your refrigerator manual so that you can set temperature to the right temperature.
  10. Don’t mixed raw foods with cooked foods for fear of cross contamination, that is bacteria from raw foods will get into cooked foods.
  11. The most important tips is to not arrange your things so closely because this will block cold air flow inside your fridge and will make your food spoiled.

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