7 Tips to Prevent Spam for Your Email Address

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Spammed email inbox.
Prevent Spam from Getting Your Email Inbox – Photo by Tesla Aldrich

Spam emails can fill up your email address and waste precious storage space. They also clutter your email inbox and hiding away your important or wanted emails. Here are seven tips to prevent spam from getting into your inbox:

  1. Use Dedicated Email
    Dedicated email services such as Gmail or Yahoo! Account are good for fighting spam and they keep improving their services. Use them when posting to discussion list, news groups and message boards.
  2. Beware When Giving Your Email Address
    Take care for your email address. Be wary of where you give your email address to. If you are filling a form in the internet, leave the email address space blank. Just fill them if you are sure the recipient can be trusted. Use your email alias account if the form requires you to give an email address.
  3. Don’t Unsubscribe from Spam Emails You Receive
    Spam email usually have unsubscribe link at its end. Don’t click on them. Many spammers use unsubscribe request link to confirm which email addresses are valid and which are not. If the email is coming from a company that is a reputable such as Google, Yahoo! or Microsoft, you can safely unsubscribe.
  4. Don’t Forward or Reply Email Chain Letter
    Forwarded or replied chain letter emails are full of email addresses to when they have been sent to. They are good sources of email addresses list for spammers. Don’t reply or forward them.
  5. Use Paid Email Services for Business Purposes
    If you are using email for business purposes, it is better to get a paid email service. They are free of ads and other third party marketers.
  6. Don’t Sign Up for Any Groups That You Are Not Sure of
    If you are unsure of a discussion group, just don’t sign up to them. They could be services just to collect your email address.
  7. Put Email Address that cannot be Understood by Robots
    Many spammers are using robot technologies to collect email addresses from the internet. If you need to put you email address on your blog or website, put address such as myemail[a]example.com or put them in an image file so that the robots cannot understands them, but your visitor can.

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