12 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Safer

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Make your bathroom safer. Photo by johncooke.

Bathroom should be made safe for all. Keeping a bathroom clean and tidy is a good step to keep your bathroom safe and nice. Here are 12 tips to make your bathroom safer:

  1. Don’t install hanging or adjustable lamp type inside your bathroom because it is feared that it will get in contact with water splash. If you want to install lamp inside your bathroom, be sure your hands are dry.
  2. It is best to install insulated light bulb since not only it covers the metal parts but also protects the bulb.
  3. Don’t ever use dim lighting inside your bathroom to avoid accident because of insufficient lighting.
  4. Keep away electrical source from water source.
  5. Install a small lamp inside the cabinet where you store your toiletries to avoid from mistakenly taking a wrong one especially at night.
  6. Separate dry area where it includes toiletries or bathroom storage cabinet, sink and toilet from wet area with bathing area and towel rack to reduce risk of slipping.
  7. Place a foot mat outside the bathroom to avoid slip if coming out with wet feet.
  8. If the floor in the bathroom is slippery, use a rubber mats that allow water to flow as floor mat.
  9. Make sure that the bathroom floor is dry especially after it is used to prevent people who want to use it later from slipping.
  10. If using bathtub curtains, ensure that they are tucked in into the tub when bathing so that water splashes will not flow onto the floor.
  11. Prepare a small stool or bench especially for bathroom used by kids to elevate their position so they can use bathroom sink comfortably.
  12. If the bathroom is used by seniors, ensure that handrail is fixed onto the wall to ease up them to hang to.


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