5 Tips to Help You Choose Your Futsal Shoes

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Playing futsal.
Better shoes can help you performance.- Photo by Tomatorg Soup.

Futsal is getting popular these days. Futsal shoes must be well selected to get better quality of a game. These tips can give some guidance:

  1. Pick light shoes – Pick light futsal shoes so that you can easily run here and there to chase, kick and pass the ball.
  2. Shoe with not easily worn out sole – When buying shoes, try to buy from different brands. This way you will know which brand is more durable and last longer. One more thing, look at the sole and compare between a expensive bend and a cheaper one.
  3. Choose according to your foot shape – Buy shoes that fit your foot shape. Don’t follow others when buying yourself the shoes. If your foot is wide don’t buy slim shape shoes. Before buying, make sure there is a 1 inch gap between the front of the shoes and your toes. If mustn’t need to be too tight nor too loose.
  4. Color – If you are an aggressive player, then choose dark color shoes. If you like fashion or style, then pick bright color. This is important so that your movement is hard to be noticed by opponent when attacking.
  5. Stick to your budget – When talking about budget, of course you should already knew how much of the price that you can afford. If you have extra budget you can get yourself a more expensive futsal shoes. For those who want to get the best futsal shoes, they need to save more money. Usually the more expensive the futsal shoes the more quality they will give you.


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