4 Tips to Create Effective Powerpoint Presentation for Business, Orientation, Teaching or Others

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A Powerpoint slide presentation.
Good Powerpoint Slides – Photo by Brett Jordan.

Powerpoint is a great tool for selling your idea, giving a presentation or briefing or for teaching.

If you are a teacher, powerpoint can be a very useful addition to your teaching toolkit. If you are a boss, you can brief or familiarize your workers by giving employee orientation Powerpoint presentation. Or if you are an employee and want to please your boss, creating a Powerpoint can be a good help for you.

Know the basic tips when creating a Powerpoint slideshow:

  1. Know what you want to tell.
    You should plan what to tell your audiences and able to make them understand what you are telling them.
  2. Write in short and precisely in your Powerpoint slides.
    You don’t want people to become busy reading your slideshow and not listening to what you are telling them in the presentation.
  3. Put some photos, picture or drawing.
    This attracts attention and avoids people from becoming bored with the Powerpoint presentation slide. It also helps listeners to remember more about your presentation by giving them more power to the presentation.
  4. Create clear and clean slides.
    Don’t clutter it. Make it nice for your eyes.

Always remember, if it bored you, others will too.

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